To better serve Kubota engine and generator consumers, Engine Power Source has established a network of local dealers who provide Kubota engine parts, Kubota generators, and service for Kubota engines and/or generators throughout our Kubota-assigned territories. These dealers are classified as being either PREMIER Dealers or STANDARD Dealers, as described below.

EPS PREMIER Engine Parts & Service Dealers

EPS dealers with the PREMIER designation offer you the most service capabilities and the largest selection of parts in stock.

  • These dealers have been extensively trained by our Kubota-certified technical trainers, and are kept up-to-date with the latest technical information from Kubota.
  • They typically service Kubota engines regardless of the equipment brand.
  • These dealers have access to the latest diagnostic tools, AND direct contact with the EPS team of technical support professionals and engineers.
  • If for some reason a PREMIER Dealer’s technicians are unable to resolve a service issue, they can request direct assistance from EPS.
  • PREMIER Dealers have priority access to EPS’ extensive inventory of parts.

EPS STANDARD Engine Parts & Service Dealers

EPS STANDARD Dealers are organizations who have been qualified by EPS to provide service for Kubota engines.

  • While these dealers service Kubota engines, they may limit their service to specific equipment brands.
  • These dealers have access to EPS tech support, along with Kubota service and support technical information.
  • They typically stock a selection of the most common Genuine Kubota Service Parts.

EPS Kubota Generator Retail & Service Network

The EPS Kubota Generator Retail Network offers a convenient way to purchase a Kubota generator and/or obtain service for a Kubota generator from a local equipment dealer.

  • These retailers can rapidly secure Kubota generators for you directly from EPS.
  • Some of these companies may have Kubota generators in stock depending on their location.
  • These local companies also have access to EPS tech support, along with Kubota service and support technical information.

Important Note Regarding Engine and Equipment Service!

The dealers listed on this site are independent businesses with their own policies regarding what equipment they will service. While some dealers may be willing to work on virtually anything, others may choose to limit their service to certain end-user brands of equipment. As a result, we advise contacting your local dealer in advance to verify they can meet your requirements.

Outside of EPS’ Kubota-authorized territory?

Kubota authorized engine service providers are located throughout the U.S. For current information, please visit the official Kubota Dealer Locator page.