Kubota Lowboy II GL7000 7kW Generator

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Kubota Lowboy II GL Series diesel generators offer a space saving and environmentally friendly design. Powered by vertically mounted Kubota SUPER MINI diesel engines, they feature compact size, low body design and very low noise levels. The Kubota Lowboy II GL7000 features a maximum of 7kW output (120/240 volts), with a rated output of 6.5kW.

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  • The generator and the engine are direct-coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss.
  • Skewed rotor and damper winding helps keep waveform distortion to a minimum, protects the generator during short circuits, regulates voltage fluctuations during condensive loads, and withstands load fluctuations during condensive and non-linear loads.
  • The compact design of the LOWBOY II Series is based on the previous compact two-pole horizontal type diesel engine generator. Even though this series is powered by vertical type diesel engines, the height is kept as low as the previous LOWBOY by direct coupling the engine crankshaft with the cooling fan.
  • Four design elements help reduce the overall noise levels: (1) The large capacity radiator successfully reduces fan related noise by direct coupling its crankshaft with the slower-speed fan; (2) The large capacity built-in muffler helps reduce exhaust related noise; (3) The longer air cleaner hose reduces air suction related noise; (4) The ideally placed inlet vent and its improved design reduce noise coming from the enclosure’s opening.
  • The LOWBOY Series’ large capacity (28L) fuel tank enables longer continuous operation on a single tank of fuel.
  • Special forklift openings on the base of the machine, and the one-point lifting eye enhanced transportability.
  • Access terminals for Automatic Transfer Switches (not supplied) are located behind the control panel for easy wiring.
  • Single side maintenance – oil, fuel, battery, and cooling water are all located on one side for easy maintenance.
  • Large capacity oil pan helps stretch the oil change intervals.
  • Direct-coupled design eliminates the time needed to adjust or replace the cog-belt by direct coupling the generator and the engine.
  • Standard double element air cleaners are ideal for heavy duty applications in dusty environments.
  • In addition to the overall circuit protector, each receptacle also has a circuit protector that will shut the engine down to prevent it from overcurrent damages.
  • Output connection cover stops the engine immediately when it is opened up during operation.
  • Automatic shutdown system automatically shuts the engine down when it senses the engine coolant temperature rising excessively or the oil pressure dropping below a safe level.
  • Starter safety relay prevents the starter from engaging again once the engine starts up.
  • Optional 2-wheel kit and remote control kit available.


Model Number: GL7000
Maximum Output: 7kW
Rated Output: 6.5kW
Volts: 120/240
Amps: (120/240): 54.2 / 27.1
Phase: Single
Poles: 2
Frequency: 60 Hz
Noise Level: 66 db
Engine / Fuel: Diesel
L x W x H (in.): 41.97 x 24.3 x 27.5
Weight (lbs.): 577

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